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Hiring top talent is critical to the success of any company. While companies recognize this, recruiting employees can be challenging. Even during these difficult times, it can be difficult to find and deliver quality talent with very specific skill sets suited for their industries. Recruitment, if not done right, may produce applicants who are not qualified or prone to turnover.


The Executive Profile has unparalleled expertise in providing support to help meet these critical hiring requirements. We are an expert executive search provider with specialized knowledge in a wide range of industries such as consumer, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food, retail, publishing, banking, financial services, real estate, and pre-need.

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In a rapidly evolving global recruitment market, the demand for exceptional talents has never been higher. As the world economy reopens and organizations embrace digital technology and flexible work setups, the Philippines has emerged as a competitive player in the international talent pool. Additionally, the healthcare industry boom and the rise of e-commerce have further fueled the demand for top talents in the country. The Executive Profile, a trusted partner to diverse industries, stands at the forefront of connecting Filipino professionals with global opportunities. Led by the Director, Boots Eugenio, The Executive Profile has carved its niche by focusing on excellence, innovation, and personalized service.


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We have the ability to support a client’s entire hiring process and ensure that the company’s talent strategy aligns with its business goals. Depending on your need, we can leverage the strength of your current in-house team and our expert advisors will work with them in identifying opportunities where supplementary support is needed.


We build partnerships with our clients to identify not just the best-qualified candidate that can make a great impact on their business, but also a suitable match for the company’s culture. During this process, we ensure constant communication between the candidate and the client.